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Michigan Fields: Support Local Business and Farms With These Foods and Recipes

Michigan Fields: Support Local Business and Farms With These Foods and Recipes

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One of our favorite things about fall is the fresh harvest, comfort foods and easy recipes that are sure to warm the whole home. We also love supporting local farmers and have made my shopping easier with Michigan Fields who delivers fresh Michigan produce and meats directly to your door…and you just can’t beat supporting local and shopping easier! We want to help make your mealtime simple too. Here are our favorite fall meals for you to try.


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Sausage and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash

We make this every week in the fall because it’s the perfect blend of flavors and feels like fall.


Maple Roast Pork

I’ve been making this one pan dish for years and this year I used Small Delicata Squash instead of sweet potatoes and it was fantastic.


Gaines Family Chili

Who doesn’t love chili or Chip and Joana Gaines? Everything they touch is magic and this recipes feeds our family for a week. We use ground turkey instead of ground beef.


Apple Butter Chicken

Make this easy, crock pot apple butter to dip your chicken in and game day won’t be the same. The recipe suggests using wings but I can tell you I’ve used a whole chicken and it always tastes delicious.


Chicken + Harvest Vegetables

Not only is this a family favorite, it’s also the meal I bring to new moms because it’s so easy. Pull out the Corningware and Canola oil spray. Put shred Brussel sprouts and diced squash in and rest chicken on top. Season as you’d like and drizzle or spay oil on top then bake for 60 minutes and serve with bread.


5 Reasons To Shop Michigan Fields

If you follow us on social you have seen how much I love Michigan Fields . The Detroit based delivery grocery service has made mealtime at home so much simpler but here are more reasons we love it too.



We like knowing where our food comes from and the care that’s put into raising, harvesting, baking, or making the food we eat.



A shorter distance between the farm and fridge = less environmental impact overall.



Fresher foods last longer and taste better, meaning less food waste and better meals.



As an independent biz ourselves, we love to support other Michiganders who share our dream of a better food system.



Michigan is the 2nd most agriculturally diverse state in the country (behind California). We could all eat very well on Michigan products alone. Our state has a rich agricultural history that we’re proud to be part of!

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